Does Not Apply

January 7, 2012
Rainbowjumper Unicornovich
1234 Happy Place.
This is the part that makes sense.

Quick Question: If I put down that I'm Asian,
And my friend says they're Black American,
And everything else on our application is the same,
Will we be viewed differently?
If so, why?
If not, why include this on the application?
Also, why is Middle Eastern considered White?
I'm pretty sure you can tell I'm brown
When you see me.
Oh well, whatever you say.

Now the essays.
The part where I get to gush for 450 characters
About how awesome you are
And how much I want to join you
In researching sparkledust
And studying butterfly flight patterns.
Is my essay written in 14.9 pt Lucida Handwriting font?
In colour #ffccff?

Let's go.

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