The one that got away...

January 7, 2012
By TaylorILY SILVER, Jackman, Maine
TaylorILY SILVER, Jackman, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
there's no gravity up here.
it's kind of hard to explain.
every time i'm holding you,
it's like backwards rain.

We had a extremely rough start
but now when I look back you had the key to my heart
when are love and dreams where to much to bare
I tossed away whatever was there
moments later I was filled with mourn and regret
knowing that this mistake I would never forget
all I can do is hope that our trust
isn't just based on all of our lust
because those memories I wouldn't trade for the world
when every moment spiraled and curled
my hearts destiny was finally fulfilled
and when I lost you my heart felt drilled
then my love came back to me
hoping that never again would he be set free
with all my heart I do apologize
because I was just to stupid to realize
that what our love was completely true
and baby it's just me and you
against everyone else in this frightful place
when ever we touch my heart begins to race
I know I've met the one cause when ever I smile
you stay on my mind for quite a while
I don't know what this means to you
but I love you, and that's really true.

The author's comments:
Extremely confusing reasons behind this poem. The boy seemed to control me, council me. Changed me from who I was, to who I know am.. Still trying to decide if that's a good thing!

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