Youre Hearts Gold

January 6, 2012
By -Cass- SILVER, Pearisburg, Virginia
-Cass- SILVER, Pearisburg, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
I’m the girl who hides behind a smile
And does not let you see the pain inside
The girl who wants to cry
Who can barely hold it inside
The one with lots of friends
But no one to confide in
They all think I’m perfect
They think there is nothing wrong
That’s cause they believe the mask
The mask of serenity

The heart tells a story
One that not everyone believes
It lies and cheats
It breaks and bleeds
Not everyone anticipates there is more
Not everyone can see
The gold is hidden
Happiness can’t be free
You're heart story is a mystery
And not all mysteries are meant to be uncovered
But with time, they are unraveled
With time, you being to see

With a happily ever after it is prevalent
The gold is stolen
Right as you begin to discover
As soon as the truth is uncovered
It is whisked away by another
An invincible
Someone, without your gold, you can no longer fight
Instead the heart makes even
It finds the thief’s gold
And creates new light

Your hearts gold is irrelevant to oneself
But when another’s is discovered
Your heart is filled with riches
Riches one can’t mold from their own gold
That is when you see
When the truth is uncovered
The lies reveal truth
The breaks begin to mend
There comes a time when you must believe
A time when your happiness is freed
And for the lucky ones,
The story is no longer a mystery

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