Superstars and Heroes

January 6, 2012
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I’m sure everyone knows that superstars get millions of dollars every year.
They don’t do much
Besides looking pretty and
Taking pictures
Most are terrible at what they do.
Some sing like a frog.
Others can’t act if their life depended on it.
Plus they waste all that money 95% of the time.
I mean, do they really need all that money?
They are living the great life
While millions of people don’t have anything
Don’t they have more than enough?

Our everyday heroes are losing their jobs
Barely support their families.
They risk their lives to save others.
They go into life taking situations
Some don’t even make it out.
Their families don’t have enough to live off
They aren’t getting enough when they deserve it.

Firemen run into buildings
Filled with smoke and covered in flames.
The ceiling falling on them
The floor, ready to collapse at any moment

Policemen are shot at by criminals
Many have lost their lives.
Many heroes get injured
Some can’t afford the medical bill,
While superstars get the special treatment
For breaking a nail.

I don’t understand
They get the fame and the special treatment,
When so many people are dying
For someone they don’t even know.

They are engulfed by greed.
They may never have enough
While we have nothing.

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