The Rain

December 22, 2011
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A diamond with a million facets,
Glistening and shimmering.
Each tear that the sky sheds
A perfect droplet.
It darkens the world,
The sky leaden and exhausted,
With white streaks of light,
The sun, attempting to reach out.
The sun stretches its fingers through the clouds
Like an infant stretches its fingers out to the world,
Ready to explore the unknown.
It falls onto the trees,
Clinging to the tips of leaves
Then falling to the pavement
With a delicate tap
And a soft “Shh”,
Making it wet and dark.
It conjures thunder in the distance,
The sound of the sky,
The world,
Letting go of pain and sorrow
And giving in to blissful peace.
Little boys and girls
In yellow raincoats
And red rain boots.
And I,
I stand there in the middle of it all
With arms outstretched at my sides,
My face tilted towards the sky,
My eyes closed,
A smile playing around the corners of my mouth,
And the rain pours around me,
Onto me.
It seeps through my clothes,
Into my hair,
Falls onto my face,
Sliding down my forehead,
My cheekbones,
The curves of my lips.
I take it in.
It refreshes me,
Makes me a new person,
My chance for renewal.
And then the waterfall is over,
The sky wipes away its tears
And slowly,
So slowly,
The sun appears.
Its fingers spread wide,
Those radiant rays reaching through the clouds.
The sun makes everything seem brighter,
After all that beautiful,

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