December 22, 2011
By Zeke Smith BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
Zeke Smith BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
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They yelled and screamed as they shoved me out the door:
they called me a liar, they called me a witch, and they called me a w****.
The town was angry, but I knew not why,
and the voices I heard only said Die.

Tightly to a stake I was tied.
I said I did nothing, but they say I lied.
"A witch, a witch!" they screamed.
All of this for explaining a dream.

I saw my friends their eyes cast down.
They would let me die without a sound.
The wood was piled around my feet,
and I could hear my heart start to beat.

"Her panicked eyes say it all, she is a witch after all."
With those words my spirit broke, and my hope did fall.
Blank faces surrounded me,
and I desperately wanted to flee.

With the last of my panic I watched to fire start.
Then I was calm, I couldn't even hear my heart.
It started as an ember, but soon the flames danced all around;
and even though the people screamed, I didn't hear a sound.

The fire's sting piercing my skin,
and I asked God what was my sin.
My head hung as I gave into pain,
and in that instant it began to rain.

As my eyes closed I felt the people near,
and yet again I felt the clutches of fear.
The next thing I knew it was cold, and I couldn't help but shiver.
As I opened my eyes, I realized I was in the river.

I plunged through the surface gasping for air.
I was still in danger but, I didn't care.
For I was truly lucky to still be alive,
and from that point on I fought to survive.

To this day I hear my story.
It's truly sad Salem got any glory.

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