December 22, 2011
I am Bliss.

The Feeling that escapes the mind of those I love.

I am Jack’s Crippled Hand

Writing a letter to a woman he never met.

I am the feeling he misses,

The one thing that compares his heart to the rest.

I am Bliss.

Everyone says he’s too far gone to save.

But me?

I’ve already made a deal with the devil.

I am Jack’s Angel.

If anyone could save him

It would be me.

No ones tried to save him,

Men like him don’t have hearts.

But they’re wrong.

I am Jack’s Heart.

I know what he feels.

What his story is.

I know the truth.

Which makes me Justice.

I am Jack’s Freedom.

Silently everyone judges him.

But not me,

I could never pass judgment on him.

I am Jack’s Savior.

I will be the Lock

and he will be the Key.

Only he can set himself free.

Therefore, that makes me the Cage too.

The metal bars that surround him

and keep him in Bliss.

I am Love.

I’m not scared

that’s what sets us apart.

I’m not scared of death.

I’m only scared of losing Jack.

I know he won’t let me go.

He won’t be the one to set my soul free

He needs me.

Because I am Bliss.

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