A Foot-Popper

December 22, 2011
By Kelsey Adams BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Kelsey Adams BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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brisk autumn air sends a shiver down my spine

noticing how chilly I am, he gives me his jacket

walking side by side, I can see him trying to hide his constant glances towards me

awkwardly, our eyes meet and we are stuck in a majestic trance

facing each other, his hand brushes away the stray hairs on my face

looking straight ahead, his ocean blue eyes are all I can see

butterflies flutter in my empty stomach and it feels as if my heart will soon explode

pulling me in, I can feel him nervously shaking as he slides his arms around me

at last, our lips meet and we become frozen in the moment

but something else happens too

still in the moment, I unconsciously lift my foot off the ground

this was it, my first foot-popping kiss

just like the ones you see in the movies

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