Twas the Night Before Finals

December 22, 2011
‘Twas the night before finals
and I was a mess.
All my papers were scattered
but I expected nothing less.

I had no time in the day, my schedule all booked.
Study guides for each subject, I merely overlooked.

My famous last words, ”I’ll study this weekend!”
These words of procrastination became my new trend.

So the weekend passed, and Monday drew near.
I tried to absorb the information, heart beating full of fear.

About 5 AM I began to see the light.
It took all I had not to die of fright.

I read and a read until my head hurt.
I got no sleep, I felt like dirt.

I tried to cram it all, but didn’t succeed.
Failing my finals was now guaranteed.

I thought, “This is it, this is the end!
My grades, I won’t be able to amend!”

Then I looked at the calendar and began to freak.
Final exams didn’t start till next week!

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