Life Is A Novel

December 22, 2011
By bharmal_26 BRONZE, Woodrige, Illinois
bharmal_26 BRONZE, Woodrige, Illinois
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Life is a novel.
It’s got the happy parts,
And the problems.
You are the hero of your story,
And you’ll always have enemies.
There are times when unexpected things happen,
Or when you wish something happened.
There is always a small love story,
That you’re eager to see unfold.
You have times when something should have been done differently,
Or when a part just doesn’t make sense.
There are the dull parts,
But there are also the exciting parts.
There are those moments that you wish would never end,
And the moments you just want to get over with.
You’ll have times when you hate your life,
And times where you’ll never forget it.

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