What We Are

November 13, 2011
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Cruel smiles twine cold faces
Sharper than razors, harder than steel,
Their words spew out
Pieces of s***
Close your eyes, cover your ears, sing yourself away
Do not listen to their lies
This is not what we are

Bright, condescending smiles hide a terrifying truth
They are kind, they reassure themselves
As the meaningless placations slip their mouths
You poor kids
So misunderstood
So strong
So brave
Ignore their empty whispers, rip their masks away
Do not let them define you
This is not what we are

Your soft lips form a shattered smile, false vibrato etched in
Your shaking hand intertwines with mine
The words run through both our minds
Together, we can face them
Together, we will be okay
Together, we can survive
Together is all that matters
Snatch those words and hold them close
Do not let them be stolen, warped, destroyed
This is what we are

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