Are you Listening?

November 12, 2011
My fingers tap on the keyboard
A small "clit clit" noise
All else is silent
I relax, let the quiet envelope me
Like a cocoon
Like a silent tomb
I close my eyes and-


A doors slams
Was the window left open again?


Wind sang through the open window, pulling at the door


I stood and closed my door, but I could still hear it.


The door is like my mind
Beating constantly
Never ceasing
But I don't want it to
I love the constant flow of energy


I look at my white ceiling and frown
I don't like large amounts of white.
I pick up a pencil, and touch the whiteness above me
I draw back quickly
I can't
I'll get in touble


Art wasn't exercised in my house
It was a constant battle between me and my parents

Turn down the music!
Stop painting!
Art will get you nowhere in life!
You know what?
It might not
I could be a failure
Sitting on the street, trying to make two dollars to rub together
I'll tell you
I'd rather be sitting on the street than in some office job
The same four cubicle walls, the same space
I would go insane


I check the clock.
2 A.M.
I know I should sleep, but I can't
Sleep hides in the shadows, and I don't go looking for it
You can't get anything done when you sleep.

Can you hear it?
The pulse of the world
The people around you
Can you feel it?

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