When my Eyes Close

November 12, 2011
By Anonymous

I close my eyes every night in hope of falling into slumber,
too bad every night I fail,
And, the few times I fall under a slight spell,
I don't see dancing sugar plums and prancing rainbow unicorns,
no, I see death, I see a tornado killing a child in a few seconds,
I see death and HD,
It's almost real to me,
Sometimes I feel like I could just reach out and grab it,
I never succeed though,
The few times I did have dreams though,
They weren't up to my expectations,
They were of me in the sunshine with grass under my feet,
While I had a gun pressed to m temple with my bare hands,
I know what people say,
If you die in your dreams you die in real life,
But if you live in your nightmares does that mean you die in real life,
Or does it mean you live,
But, your life is a black hole, that has every good thing sucked out of it,
Is it to much to ask for a night without serial killers dancing in my head.

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