January 9, 2012
To be alive is to be tossed into uncharted waters.
Encountering hidden dangers,
Finding sweet havens.
Nothing seems to last, yet in some way,
Everything stays.
Where even the smallest decision can wreak havoc,
A million cracks spreading across a windshield.
We hate and we love.
Building a world that seems perfect and stable,
only to have it ripped away,
leaving confusion and hurt behind.
Yet we must realize that this is only the beginning,
The start of the war,
to survive,
to live,
to thrive,
and to be happy.
To be alive is to climb the highest mountain,
Always struggling,
Not quite satisfied with where you are.
Fighting for the right to take one more step,
then another,
and another.
sometimes we feel as if giving up,
ceasing the struggle,
is best.
But still something pulls us on.
We are never satisfied until we reach the top,
See all there is to see,
and then, only then,
do we let ourselves,
our fights and pains,
To be alive is to struggle, love, hurt, win, lose, fall, rise, run, cry, scream, laugh, breathe, fear, fly, leap and to follow your dreams.
To be alive,
Is to be FREE

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