The Chair Named Pierre

January 9, 2012
Here, over there, somewhere, anywhere!
Stood a Chair named Pierre.
Pierre was no ordinary chair.
He was very unusual to be fair.
He could talk, walk, and eat.
Pierre could move on all four feet.
He could fly kites and climb trees.
Even though Pierre did not have knees.
He could make you a paper hat.
Pierre would also feed your cat.
He could tell jokes, just for kicks.
He could also do magic tricks.
Pierre loved cones of ice cream.
The sight of it, made his eyes gleam.
One day, Pierre took a walk.
To go to the store to buy more chalk.
He took a wrong path, a wrong turn
Pierre’s went right, instead of left by the fern.
He walked into a forest instead.
Pierre had no idea where this path lead.
He kept going anyway, hoping for the best of luck,
On his way further he found a hockey puck.
Further down the road, he spotted a house.
He walked up towards it, as quiet as a mouse.
To his surprise it was a house full of chairs.
They welcomed him, and on lived Pierre.

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