IYou be the toothpaste, I'll be the orange juice bitter taste

January 9, 2012
Four little letters form the perfect name
the perfect noun, my source of happiness
He is the summer wind blowing on my face
The metal pole keeping me safe during the storm
The invisible tether between us will never fade
As we are unprepared for the leaves to change
And the snow to fall
I want you to know I love you and that is all
That is it
Nothing more
I don't like you anymore
I don't spend days wishing you were here
Because I know you are sleeping in your Central time zone
I in my Eastern one
But the beauty of it is my 25 hours days
Every new morning I turn myself back for you
I have already brushed my teeth and tasted the bitter aftertaste of orange juice
You've got your curtains drawn with winter frost gathering on your crunchy lawn
It will be hard to leave
And everyday I think about not doing it
But I must
I must not spend another moment waiting
I like to call it realizing
Because everyday I realize something new I love about you
Today it was your hands in your pockets
Tomorrow it may be those brown eyes
But for today I won't worry about all the rest
Today I have those hands in your pockets
Waiting for me to grab them

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