January 9, 2012
By MissHeart SILVER, East St Louis, Illinois
MissHeart SILVER, East St Louis, Illinois
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My heart feels torn,

Ripped out of its place, this is the third time its happened,

But stupidly i live more space.

Wishing that it wouldn't happen again,

Wishing someone would like me for me....

I wonder how can this work,

I wonder how deep I need to be to see the real me.

My love and pain,

Created by you,

Leaves sorrow and scorn.

As you see this is nothing new.

But i shall go on

Cause I have a purpose to be here.

You, him, and they won't stop me,

Cause I finally have my mind clear.

So say what you want,

And say what you need.

Because I'm Flaying on ready and willing

To Succeed

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