Tell Me a Story

January 9, 2012
By Sammalee BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
Sammalee BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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Tell me a story about a boy and a girl.
Say he was handsome and strong,
a football player
that loved his mother unconditionally and aspired to be just like his father.
Say she was young and beautiful
with freckles spotting her pale skin, and blue eyes like the ocean,
loved to dance ballet.

Start with their first date.
She ordered mint chocolate chip ice cream,
and he smiled gently when she got some on her nose.

Talk about their walk home together.
How he put out his hand and she hesitated accepting it, unsure if boys were as dangerous as her parents had warned.
She thrust her uncertainty aside, weaving her fingers gracefully between his with a faint squeeze.

Don’t forget the dandelion that brightened buoyantly when he picked it up
and placed it delicately in her silky, brown hair.
Blissful innocence.
When he got home and his father teased him playfully,
I hope that young boy told him that he’s going to marry that girl.

Next skip to high school and college.
Talk about their breakups
and make ups,
but don’t leave out that they stayed together through it all.

Mention their marriage and the family they raised,
two little boys, a girl, and a Golden Retriever.
Pure happiness
within a house that radiated love.

Add that they grew old together,
never leaving each other’s side.

And tell me,
please tell me, that they never, ever stopped loving
from the moment he bought her that mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

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