What Is Love?

January 9, 2012
Prince Charming searched for Cinderella’s match to his glass shoe,
they knew not a thing about the other,
but their love, it only grew.
I’ve seen true love in fairytales and on Hollywood’s big screen,
displays of devotion and affection
always flooding every scene.
But where’s the love they talk about in our everyday life?
From what I see, this lie called love
is only causing strife.
They say that love exists in everyone,
a matching heart lies within.
They say that love conquers all,
but lately, love hasn’t seemed to win.
When marriages are broken
and lust only lasts so long,
how can we accept a myth
that only preaches wrong?
Those fairytale creators,
they are nothing but deceivers.
Watch out, Love, you’re losing believers.

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