Living Dreams

January 9, 2012
I dreamed of a day-

where skies burned dully.

With the stench of sulfur

and a storm of ash

the wind blows coldly,

numbing my senses

Yet the air scorched deeply-

heated by hatred

When the world destroyed itself..

Innocence cried and died that day

many fell to gullant greed

staining their hands in crimson rain

and flooding the earth-with a pool of blood

perversing the clean with twisted words

lusting for demolition and pain

...those who meant well died in vain...

How do I stand so calmly

amoung this sin claimed afterworld?

Where the sun I once loved

glares at me, intensely orange.

The ground remains sickeningly pale

shorn of greenary

famamed by dust

Fragrances of the deceased

haunt the air-reminding me

of a lost humanity

I should be struck in fear-

scarred by shock

Doomed to insanity

or at least overwhelmed by grief


My eyes cannot summon tears

my heart beats peacefully

and this soul remains content

I cannot change this fate

but my faith secures me wholely

So even as I face my future

with possibilities still unknown

and dangers plaguing my every step

I heed no warning-

death being the least of my worries...

Even if this dream was never a preminition

it spoke in many depths,

Our generation will suffer consequences-

but can we just hope to overcome it????

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