Missing Something

January 9, 2012
By palalandrea GOLD, New York, New York
palalandrea GOLD, New York, New York
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With victory comes sorrow

The taste of sweet and sour
Is the contradiction of opening the heart
What once seemed like "our"
Soon was apart

Because he was her stone
And she, the kite
Gliding by the ripples of the wind, it was lone
and frozen up above, she turned white

The torture of decision
It bit her to shreds
The sweet and sour collision
became less blue, and more reds

Tired, she grew
Unable to forget
The divine feeling when they flew
But soon the patience became a threat

Perhaps the death of her
Was just not knowing
Who he was, who they were
Why they were slowing

The words screamed at her face,
For she already knew
That denial was a race
And it was beating her too

So she opened her fingers,
And let go of the strings made of feather
Still--the scent and the trace of the kite lingers
She faults the space, the journey, even the tether

But self-deceit is the devil
And resent is worse
So she dropped to sea level
And was left without a verse

The author's comments:
This poem is dedicated to relationships that we can't precisely let go of, to the point where sooner or later they become a part of us anyways.

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