Lines of Conversation

January 9, 2012
They almost all start with that one little word.
Or variations of.
Hello, hi, hiya, howdy, hola, greetings.
And then they expand.
I’ll speak of boys and school.
Of people who I wished would drop dead
Of the story that I’ve yet to finish,
Of the homework that I’ve yet to start.
Then it will lose its pace,
Slow down, becoming meaningless and boring.
I’ll try to spark it with a joke.
“Did you hear about the two muffins in an oven?”
Yes, yes they had.
We’ll speak of boys and friends.
Of books and holidays.
Maybe, sometimes, about how our day went.
We’ll make plans for the weekend.
Or at least talk about making plans.
We’ll talk about music and boys.
And what we ate for dinner.
Then, when the lines of conversations converge,
They all meet at one word.

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