The Sheeps Tale

January 9, 2012
Let me tell you a tale, one not that old

A tale that has probably never been told

A sheep, purple the color of her wool

Her name, Rosaine, we join her in the pool

An un-known giraffe approaches her door

He is masked and he frightens her, galore

He demands cash, for he has a hostage

Without cash, her pig grandma is sausage

She tries to fight, but the giraffe is strong

She has one day to get cash, not that long

She needs one million, which is a lot

How can she get cash for this twisted plot

Rosaine tried having a bake sale for cash

It was slow going, that's not very fast

Then an idea popped into Rosaine's head

She would rob the giraffe's money instead

She went outside and picked up a small stick

The Old Switch-a-Roo was her smartest trick

After a coat of paint, it looked so sound

She would sell the stick as "magic wand"

She changed her appearance, a new disguise

The Giraffe would be tricked through his blind eyes

In fact, it did work, he paid in all cash

Hopeful, she ran home and changed really fast

An hour later, she showed up as Rosaine

With the one million dollars in hand

Rosaine's Grandma was finally set free

They jumped up and down with sudden glee

Later, the giraffe was sent to a jail

He was sentenced with no thanks or bail

Please adhere was was entailed and avail

And that ends the lesson of the Sheep's Tale

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