Big brother

January 9, 2012
By Nene.M BRONZE, RR, Texas
Nene.M BRONZE, RR, Texas
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I don't want you to leave don't get me wrong but I cant stand the pain you put us through. Mom cries and cant sleep. You argue with her 24/7. You blow out on me and our little sister and she doesn't know how to react. We all didn't get along before but it wasn't this bad. Why cant we get along? Why cant you just do as your told? Why cant you just be home? You say you just want to go away from us and I cant help but cry and get flashbacks of back then, when we were little and we got along and laughed. Now we all argue and put out our anger on each other. We are tearing apart and I look at our little sister and she is just confused and downtown know what's going on. She is the only one that has a spec of joy and happiness. Maybe you should just leave, I hate to say it and my heart breaks but maybe you should. I don't want to see mom cry and everyone hurt and sad. Why cant you just see what your doing to us... your family. Leave. Apparently you aren't going to change and when you see how the world is ill be waiting for my real big brother to come back...

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