Just Me

January 10, 2012
I am a painting of vibrant colors,
with a thin black line to divide
each color,
so everyone may see.
The colors,
that fill the boxes work together
to fill the painting with life and
Each Color, is so,
from shade, to shade.

I am a newly ripened orange,
with a tough outpeel.
not the first of your choice, but,
as soon as you get through the
thick skin you find a
sweet an kind
taste of the,

I am a violet.
so mysterious, mystic, majestic,
yet so tranquil.
So busy yet,
So strong yet,
This, color, speaks,
SINGS, to the heart.

I am a violin.
So delectable,
comfortingly beautiful.
With the its heavenly sound
that fills the room.
Be careful it may break!

I am an allen wrench.
Comes in many sizes,
is useful for many thing.
Comes as a package,
never, ever,
you need it,
just not sure when.

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