My dad

January 6, 2012
My Dad

They told me I would never see you again, and for a long time I believed them. They call you a hero but my mom calls you an idiot for going. For a long time I could do nothing but mourn for you. You had left me and my mom behind with nothing left from you but a hug. Though I know what happened still I have no bliss. You were hiding from your problems in a suit of green, yet others found you and now you’re no longer with me, now all I have of you is a shirt half burnt, and now I know why mom was sad, for never again can I see my dad.
My mom gave me a book she said was special, just as I learnt to read, I read and read all day and night to take my mind off things. It talked about a strong man that easily made the earth, and talked of a greater place that was much better than earth. He made day and night and each one of us, but this place seemed hard to get too and caused a fuss, he sent ten rules to follow by. And proved that he was a real nice guy. The rules were obeyed less and less; finally there was no place in heaven for anyone put to rest. He saw the problem and found it hard not to sin, a perfect man sent to death would erase all sin. He sent his son to be a perfect man; then died a death not suited for him. He erased all wrong in the world and then, all of man could go to heaven again. My dad had fought and had done no sin he’s there now and though it might not be soon I will see him again.

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meanangel said...
Feb. 15, 2012 at 3:30 pm
hey i love this one as well maarked it as my fave... keep it up.. MEan angel
meanangel said...
Feb. 15, 2012 at 3:03 pm
hey i love this poem as well, and marked it as my favorite... Mean angel
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