Not Goodbye, Only Farewell

December 20, 2011
Don’t cry for it’s not goodbye
Simply farewell
To an old start
And a new beginning
This was only the first chapter
In the book of our lives
Written on the wind
It never ends

The pages stretch before you
Wholly encompassing
And completely unwritten
Just waiting for the magic of your thoughts
To write its story

Just as every tide derives from the same source
So have we come forth
From the crossing of our paths
Just like every wave must make the journey to shore alone
So must we part ways
Strengthened from the times together
Just as the rivers meet again at the end of their journey
So shall we
Meet again upon the whitewashed pages
Of this never-ending story

We will breathe the same air
Laugh and cry together
Love and hate
Not one without the other
We will sing together when the world
Tries to keep us quiet
And we will live and die
With the knowledge that we’re never truly alone

Our paths may divide
But this meeting has touched us all
We are linked forever
Through the times we’ve spent as one

Every experience shared
Is tattooed upon our hearts
Alive forever in our minds
And now part of our souls

It’s not goodbye
Simply farewell

Only till tomorrow
Though it’s ok to cry
For tears are the words
The heart can’t bear to say

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Lynni said...
Feb. 20, 2017 at 9:20 am
Please advise me what the name of the author of this poem is. I would like to get in touch with her/ him.
LonelyDancer replied...
today at 9:52 pm
@Lynni Katarina Keown
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