Our Dream Land

December 20, 2011
By ArielleArmageddon PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
ArielleArmageddon PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
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if i cant hear your heartbeat, you're too far away

every day of my life
I'm thinking it through
of how i can survive my life
without you
i think I'll write a story
of a dream land
where all there will be
are two characters
you and me
yes, that's the dream
i always have
in that land
we can make our own rules
and our own language
we can stay up as late as we want
and eat what we want
and sing to the top of our lungs
to any and every song
and in this world
you will always know
just how much i love you
because in this world
the clouds spell out the words
"i love you" in the sky, high
and in this world
everything will be free
and if that can not be
then leaves will be money
and in this world
religion wont exist
letting there truly be peace
all of that
in this world of just us
yes that is how
i will pass the tI'me
until once again
you are mine

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