Sunset Dunes

December 20, 2011
By ashbot BRONZE, Chicago Ridge, Illinois
ashbot BRONZE, Chicago Ridge, Illinois
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Seagulls set sail in the mysterious colors
In search of the radiant light
That causes such beauty
Waves crashing into the dunes in perfect synchronization
The birds shout for joy when they have finally
Won the game of hide & seek
While the waves are slowing down to rest
Whispering calm murmurs to whoever will listen
The saline like spray gets spread everywhere
And sand crawls into every crevice it can find
The worn down rocks crinkle under the weight and
Is hanging on for dear life
The course ground below reeks of salt and fish
Wet rays spread the taste of joy along the edge
Making any person want to dive into
The mirror and see the calm world where
Nothing is everything

The author's comments:
A painting done by one of the students at my school.

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