This Is Unhealthy

December 20, 2011
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So there are three.
And all are older than I.
The first, youngest, is the kind you would see in the art room.
Although he's not an artist.
He makes music, he plays guitar.
We sit next to each other in class and he makes my heart race.
It's so unhealthy how much I envy his true girlfriend.
The next, my polar opposite, started out as harmless flirting.
Then progressed to something not right.
I thought he would be amazing.
But it just didn't feel like it should.
It's still unhealthy how I miss his hugs.
The last, and probably the best, is perfect.
A fellow actor, a Canadian, no less!
I swooned over his perfect brown eyes while they kept wandering over to me in the middle of a play.
He is my reason to get up every morning.
Even though I never see him.
There he was, behind my car.
Waving like some cheesy romance movie.
But oh, it was amazing.
The thought of him, shaking my hand, gives me the jitters.
If I had another chance, I would have made that night so much better.
So I guess I'll just sit here, thinking very unhealthy thoughts and wishing I could redo everything..

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