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December 20, 2011
By Sydwilk BRONZE, Saint Joe, Missouri
Sydwilk BRONZE, Saint Joe, Missouri
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How can I get a grip when my mind hasn't connected to cope?
My hands being in reach, leaves my mind in a daze, to where my lips begin to speak.
Am I speaking with my mind, or my heart, am I to far away, or did I not even start.
How can I get a grip? What words should I say? Why shall I continue my walk, if my reach is so far away?
How can I get a grip, if I don't know what I'm reaching for, how am I suppose to keep faith when my destiny has an unknown door.
Fear of what I might see, who I may never grow to be, how can I get a grip if my arms aren't even in reach.
This unknown door, may have the right road to start my journey, shall I explore.
If the doors open for me, inside what may I seek?
How do you find the words to say goodbye when your heart don't have the heart to say goodbye?
How do you find the right time to let go, when you feel letting go isn't right at any time?
Do you make forever never, and let go, and keep those promises forever.
Do you stick to your word, and refuse a second chance, or do you even ever take a second chance.
Do you take a stand, to not take another chance, let go and being to search again?
I feel it now more then ever.
I’m begging to feel so bitter, nothing left of me I can’t get better.
I’ve been trying and trying, I’ve let myself go, having trouble griping on, where’s the right road.
My mind is made up, but my heart is disagreeing, right now I just need a strong word that I can believe in.
From far away I don’t really see anything, but I am far from nothing.

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