My Father Lives On...

December 30, 2011
By Anonymous

I can't forget thier names
I relish in our memories
why do i despise every one of them
why do i crave their shadow of a face
etched in my soul
I seduced them all
into playing a game
if only they could have healed all of my scars and eternal bruises
from the man that really mattered
why does he have to mean so much to me?
why does my mind errode from the thought of him?
He was only my father.
and so he lives on
in all of my lovers
to torment me and reject me
i dont even carry shame in addmitting that i enjoy the pain
my father lives on in tear that dampens my cheeks
my father lives on in the irony of love wrapped in lies
if only i could release him from my mind
but they come in dozens now to love me and keep me close
why should i deny

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