January 7, 2012
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I'm Tired Of Your Jokes
I'm Tired Of Your Games
Tired Of The Words You Say
You're Ugly
You're Scrawny
Your Pale And Pasty
Your Words Hurt
But You Wouldn't Know
You're A Coward
You're Stupid
Your Afraid Of Your Own Life
So You Choose To Ruin Mine
Your Words Are Hurtful
Your Jokes Are Cruel
And People Join Your Games
They Laugh
They Scream
They Shout
And They Chant
Make The Girl Scream
Make Her Yell
Make Her Cry For Her Life
Let Me Be Me!
Let Me Live And Be Free!
Free Of Your Games,Your Jokes!
Your LIES!
But No! The Jokes Keep Coming
The Words Still Hurt
And The Tears Keep Raining Down
And Now They Chase Me
Chase Me Wherever I Go
Forever And Ever And Ever

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