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January 9, 2012
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Poetry shouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows;
It should mean something,
It should make you think about something
More and have you feel
A deep connection.

Let the songwriter write
About how the rain drop slid
Down the window,
As his tear slid
Down his cheek

Leave it to the director
To explain how Sid
dumped Nancy right before prom
leaving her heartbroken and alone

How the girl opened
a door that led to a
land filled with sparkles and unicorns,
How the wind blew her worries away

Leave it to the brainiac to
Fill up his essay with huge words,
That no one really understands
Or knows how to pronounce
like Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Leave it to Shakespeare
To write about his love
To a rose and a summers day,
He is the real love poetry expert

Poetry should have real meaning
There is enough sadness in
The world people deal with.
No one wants to read about it as well

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