Who am I?

January 9, 2012
By RichardXieeee BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
RichardXieeee BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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I am From
I am from silence. Outcast. Oddball.
I am that one puzzle piece that seems to fit in everywhere, but in the end, I don’t.
From bashfulness. Quiet. I’m nobody.
To the years of being alone. Tears bottled up. Where did I fit in? Friends? Not really.
I am from the lunch table in school that was empty except for me, surrounded by strangers. Loner.
I’m built off independence. One man army. I looked out for myself when nobody else did.
I am from daycares. Dumped there because nobody could look after me when school ended.
I didn’t fit into daycares. Entertaining myself because nobody else would play with me.
I was surrounded in a shell. Safeguard. My quintessence of peace was silence.
Fast forward a few years.
Transform. Reshape.
Rebirth. Reincarnate.
Who am I now?
I am from loquaciousness. I fit into society. Accepted by people.
I am that one puzzle piece that finally fit into its destined spot. I know where I belong.
From talkativeness. Loud. I’m everywhere.
To the years of coming out of my shell. Tears released. Where did I fit in? Anywhere.
Friends? Everywhere.
I am from the lunch table in school full of obnoxious and loud kids, surrounded by friends. Groupie.
I’m built off dependence. Army of friends. They look out for me, and I look out for them.
I am from summer camps. Dumped there by choice because I wanted to see new experiences.
The shell was cracked. No safeguard needed anymore. My quintessence of peace are friends. Family.
I am from revolution. Altered for the best. I am me. Proud of who I am, and who I’ve become.
I am Richard.

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