Chronic Nightmare

January 9, 2012
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In a room of silver ruined feathers
is where I lay.
In an unending dream
is where I must stay.
In the company of spirits
is where I now reside,
because I couldn't fight you
no matter how hard tried.
My hearts forever yours,
was the last lie you told me.
Now my hearts forever still,
My soul left to wander free.
But death cannot hold me
and life has already let go.
Forever lost in the heart of twilight
To go wherever the wind might blow.
To forever see,
but never be seen.
That is my curse
in this unending dream.
Can you feel it in the air?
The whisper of your name?
The sound of my unheard cry,
as you finished your game?
But the secret is,
that you can't win.
How could you?
Death can't even conceal your sin?
There is a change in the air.
The whisper becomes more clear.
These were the words I tried to scream,
but you wouldn't let anybody hear.
I was once an innocent girl,
but my story I can never tell.
One day someone will be able to stop you,
and I'll personally escort you to Hell.

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