Forgotten Love

January 9, 2012
By HSutt1633 BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
HSutt1633 BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
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You’ll look back on memories,
And all the times you cried.
You’ll look back and wish
I was still by your side.
You’ll remember struggles,
And happy moments we shared.
You’ll remember all the fun times,
And you’ll wish that I still cared.
You’ll think of all the heartbreakers,
And how they played their games.
You’ll remember who was there for you,
And how it always stayed the same.
You’ll think of all the pain you caused,
And all the tears I shed.
You’ll remember all the apologies,
And think of one more you should’ve said.
The faith I had in us,
I thought could never be torn apart,
But the lies you fed to me
Cut me deep down to the heart.
Everything I said holds true,
I’ll love you for miles and miles.
But for us it just won’t work,
Not now, not for a while.
You know that I’ll be there for you
‘Til the day we rise above,
But to you I know I’ll always be
Your one forgotten love.

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