Time Well Spent

January 9, 2012
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There are people
Who do not sleep.
They find no use for it,
They have “better things to do.”
They stay awake because they do not dream.


I’m repeatedly told,
“You waste time with sleep;
You’re wasting the day away.”
They don’t understand,
I’m just trying to dream.

My imagination takes me anywhere and everywhere.
My subconscious holds secrets;
It clutches answers that I don’t.
When I dream, I catch a glimpse.
I take a break from life.

I enter a new world; sometimes it’s very much like our own,
But I can do anything here. It’s a world
Where I can run forever, without tiring;
Where I can breathe while diving under the ocean waves;
Where I can soar without wings, above the trees.

This imagination, these dreams:
Better than my reality.
I’m waiting for this to change, but for now,
Don’t wake me,
I’m dreaming.

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