January 9, 2012
By ImJustAnotherGirl GOLD, Newport, North Carolina
ImJustAnotherGirl GOLD, Newport, North Carolina
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Not another chance or a gift of forgiveness
I give you what you deserve
It is my last piece of justice
It promises pain
Like the pain you caused me
It will blind you with tears
Like the ones that choked me for years
It will make you contemplate ending it all
It will be pain that never heals
I am trying to be fair
Not a killer or a murderess
I give you the gift of pain
Its lingering breath will stay with you
Possessing you with a vengeance
As we are,
For as long as we are
Take it
It’s not a gift you can refuse
If you like
Its scent will cling to your tear ducts
Cling to you like it clung to me

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