Black Downfall

January 9, 2012
By poetryfreak BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
poetryfreak BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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The black of his clothes,
a contrast to the white of his porcelain teeth.
Making the truth twist painfully, in my back,
that much more unbearable.
That much more prominent.

My lip twitches as I watch her lean in for the kill,
a kiss just for her.

That kiss to here,
means nothing.
That same kiss to me,
leaves me shivering among the leaves of the weeping willows,
despite the heat.

The memory of that slow, loving kiss
haunts my dreams.
The truth, keeps me awake,
when I should be asleep.

His smile is always there,
Behind me, as I look in the mirror.

Since he left,
my reflection morphs.
I have the porcelain teeth and am covered
head to toe in black.
Because of these truths
[scars on my arms included]
I still see him; his reflection merging into my own.

I vow never to be like him, but,
the mirror tells the truth.

My room dark,
keeping out the light from the world outside.
I see my pale cheek
fading into the black of my hood;
just like him.

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