January 6, 2012
He stared blankly into the ceiling
secrets bottled up in a syringe
wanting to shoot up the darkness
struggling to find meaning
the life we try to throw under the papers
answers hidden in the smog and haze
but slowly the digs a hole in his heart
secrets hidden beneath his caged soul

I lay on my bed
Thoughts tapping on the window
not wanting to know what is true
living in a ocean of motion
negative vibrations ooze
thoughts spiraling in his cigarette
a secret nailed to his heart
a virus slowly eating away at his soul

The puzzle pieces laying on the floor
left for him to make the decision
hidden in our lives are stories untold
of things we didn’t want anyone to know
interpretation of vibrations expressed through the mind
coughed up the black smog
released the darkness killing him from the inside out
a new born bird breaking from his egg
bondage free
the struggle was over
as the sun beamed through the haze

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