January 6, 2012
I felt her eyes fixed
Locking in on mine as targets
Ready to blow up

My dreams are tossed
Out of an open window
Hung on a line with shirts
To shrivel up in the sun

She studied the terra and potions
Where is my head?
Swallowed by melodies and words
Stories and color too

Disbelief, the only way to describe it
Preparing to break my heart
But she cannot
She cannot crush me

My spirit is impervious
Impervious to impossibilities
Will not settle for less
I am unstoppable

Be scared for me
Because I need someone to be
So tell me not to go
Tell me how you see the thin lines
The fragile roads I will walk along

Hearing all your dubiety
Only builds me higher
Like a tower in the sky
And my heads already gone
So why not have my faith join it?

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