Love on a Map

December 30, 2011
Have you ever loved two people at the same time?
I have.
Even though they say love isn’t a game,
your mind and your heart battle over the simplest issues.
Don’t be afraid to love, because it
will always be around you.
It will always find a way in your life.
It will always have its ups and downs.
It will always seem like your soul mate is avoiding you,
when really; they’re just too stubborn to ask for directions.
Love is like a map.
There are so many different routes, but then,
you’ll come to a place where the only way to go is right or left.
Straight ahead isn’t optional and turning
around is a waste of time.
It’s your turn to choose.
Some choose the road with not as many bumps.
Some choose the road where they know they can't get hurt.
I say choose the one you’re heart says to go down.
Yes, there are gonna be some speed bumps along the way, and yes,
there are gonna be a few caution lights,
but you'll just fly on through.
A heartbreak or two is waiting.
But now you know...
The road to choose will never be ideal,
But you'll have a journey worth taking when you find the one.

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