Overcoming Doubt

December 30, 2011
I knew in advance the doubt blossoming within me.
Doubt is the cynical part of my soul. Doubt found the ambition to disturb my peace of mind.
Yet the spark of fidelity remains infinitive.
Only i cannot save myself.
Doubt is infectious, difficult to overcome.
Grasping the very end of my mind is the question that begins my conflict.
Do I mend my reality, or let myself fall into the depths of Infectious doubt,
Menacing doubt.
My thoughts are bothered and altered with every passing moment.
The pathway lies among my toes to touch,
And my temptation argues with my tainted wits.
I tell myself, this pathway is whatever I’d like it to be,
But only with the power of my desire will it evolve.
I begin to mend my reality, and welcome the warm words of hope to spill into the air, like tea to an empty mug.
Infectious doubt begins to vanish into the black hole of once it came,
Baring my peace of mind.
I knew in advance the doubt blossoming within me,
But the spark of fidelity became my burning flame.

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