December 20, 2011
By ArielleArmageddon PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
ArielleArmageddon PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
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if i cant hear your heartbeat, you're too far away

i have this perfect moment in my head
of you laying next to me in bed
with your eyes staring into mine
letting me forget about all time
and with this crooked smile on my face
i tell you i never want to leave this space
i feel your warm skin
and the hair on your chin
it's the best thing i ever felt
your lips, tingling my senses, making me melt
but instead i lay here alone
speaking with you on the phone
but i guess it's good enough
being completely without you is just too tough
but as long as i hear your voice
joyfulness is not a choice
because it pries itself out of me
all this brilliant glee
and it's all because i love you
and i hope you love me too
and i really believe you do
and not often is that true
but all that matters is the here and now
and enjoying everything you say, making me whisper wow
you comfort me like no one else has
like a church goers mass
you listen to me complain about my day
and when i apologize for my ramblings you say it's OK
and you listen to every word i say
how can i thank you? any way?

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