The Butterfly

December 20, 2011
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I know I’m not perfect-
I’ve made my share of mistakes;
all made at impulsive rates.

Though mistakes leave us with potent indentions,
I have found that we learn from these unwary decisions.
Scars if you will; problematic to heal-
always there to feel.

What I have done is immoral.
You thought I was loyal;
I’m just a nuisance to this family.

My mistakes leave me to nothing but insanity.
Sometimes I long to leave; get away from here-
far, far away my dear.

Seeming to you, I cause nothing but predicaments;
all I bestow you with are huge, vile dents.

There is such thing as change;
everything will be rearranged.
It will take keen effort-
i’m extremely ready for it.
I’m the faithful butterfly.

I will fix this as much as possible.
Stitching will be my ambition.
Knowing it’ll leave a scar, and the indention,
I still will succeed - at least I think that’s the mission.

Though I went through this surreptitious phase, we will never say goodbye.
I filled your mind with nothing but lie, after lie;
but don’t worry because I will soon become the faithful butterfly.

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