Kaleb's Rule

December 20, 2011
Kaleb was a nice guy
with a hard side.
we had our first kiss
June 25the.
from that day forward
my hand was in his
but when we left each other for thee night
Kaleb had a rule,
his rule was to never say goodbye,
so instead, we said goodnight.
thee night of senior prom
was thee night we proved we were each others
his skin never felt so soft.
when he was sneaking out of my window
i gave him a kiss and didn't say goodbye.
i said "i love you, goodnight."
we got engaged July 8the
7 years before today.
he slipped thee beautiful diamond ring on my finger
holding a glass of champagne.
3 days later he dropped me off at my parents
to spread thee news.
as i stepped out of thee car that night,
he said "i love you, goodnight."
on his 21st birthday he was packed up and shipped off
over seas.
before he left he said "i love you, goodnight for
thee next 6 months."
i didn't see him for another year
when he was laying in his casket,
5 bullets through his chest.
i wrote him a note and slipped it into his chest pocket,
while holding our 3 month old baby girl.
it read "i love you, goodnight."

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