Films of Black and White

December 30, 2011
Memories swirl 'round my head
of times so long ago.
Picture perfect moments made,
and worries at a low.

Visions danced upon your cheeks
and laced burned in your eyes.
Satin ringed my fingertips
and silk bordered my thighs.

I replay the great time we had
in films of black and white.
I was clad in a classy gown.
You were quite a sight.

My hair was pinned into a bun.
Your tie was grassy green.
I wore the highest of my heels.
To me, you were so keen.

Quotes around your fluent words,
I do place here now,
asking for my "hand to dance,"
with a gallant bow.

Nodding with such certainty,
you took my red gloved palm.
Spinning me in endless twirls.
Voice speaking so calm:

"I noticed you across the way,"
You tried to shield a grin,
"And thought that I not know your name,
had to be a sin."

I blushed a shade of scarlet pink
and answered clear as day,
"Ask me what my name is then,
and answer, I just may."

The smile you were forcing back
broke through your sternly face.
"Then, please, do tell your name, my dear,"
while heightening the pace.

I moved my feet to keep the step,
and gazed into your soul,
"My name is Sandy Tallenwood,"
But dancing was your goal.

You spun me till my head was sick,
the walls began to fall.
Never had I met a man
so graceful at a ball.

The song began to play its close.
You whispered, oh, so soft,
"Thank you for the dance, my dear."
My thoughts were quite aloft.

You turned to take your leave at once,
and trotted to the door.
My eyes were burried in your back,
my heart was feeling sore.

I saw a few good gals of mine
come to me ever quick.
I questioned if they knew your tag,
But none had known your clique.

I kicked myself right then and there
for not catching just a name
that belonged to such a classy guy.
My plans were turned to shame.

At that point, I made my mind
and fumbled to exit.
Determined to chase the man
whose heart and mine did fit.

I ran those heels for such a time;
Miles it grew to seem.
And then I noticed your bronze hair.
It almost felt a dream.

I called out with a shrilly voice,
"Excuse me, my good sir."
And to my heart's complete content
Finally found my savior.

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B-Artistic said...
Jan. 25, 2012 at 1:20 am
beautiful....... romantic........... elegant
SamanthaFaulkner This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Jan. 25, 2012 at 1:26 am
Thank you very much!
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