Note to Self

December 30, 2011
Careful, girl.
It seems you're walking your heart across a wire.
Wearing it on your sleeve.
Beating it down to near nonexistence.
Piercing its harmonious states.
Guiding it off a cliff.
Drowning it to depths not explored.
Puncturing its rationality.
Raking it in sorrow.
Squeezing it bloodless.
Shading it in darkness.
Withering its hopeful tendencies.
Tearing it limb-by-limb.
Suffocating it with reason.
Burdening it with doubt.
Blinding it with foolishness.
Torturing it with sweetness.
Laying it across hot lava.
Stomping it to the gravel.
Wounding its fragile structure.
Injecting it with lethal potions.
Torching its ambition.
Killing it with naivety…

All because you’ve fallen in love.

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