Imagine You

January 5, 2012
I want you to be the most amazing guy I have ever met.
I want you to use cheesy pick-up lines that make me smile when I'm least expecting it.
I want you to run your fingers through your hair when you're thinking and drive me crazy because you're so gorgeous.
I want you to put your arm around me when I'm mad and make my anger disappear in a flash.
I want you to text me during class and say things like "I miss you" or "We should hang out" or "I think my science teacher is on to me."
I want you to have eyes that light up like fireworks when you see me, startling me with their brightness.
I want you to be strong, but not in a way that shows, because you'll need to help me through my hectic life.
I want you to make me laugh so hard, everyone starts staring, but we won't care.
I want you to make me feel special compared to everyone else.
I want you to wrap your arms around me when I cry and listen to me when I explain why you're the only stable thing in my life.
I want you to see how much work I put into writing and art, and recognize it.
I want you to kiss me slowly and softly, but with a fire that makes us both want more.
I want you to stare at me when I walk into a room, then say something like "I just saw the most beautiful girl in the world. I think I'm in love."
I want you to make funny faces and pass me notes when the teacher isn't looking.
I want you to be great friends with my best friend, so both of you sit with me at lunch.
I want you to kiss me when I'm in the middle of saying something and tell me I was too cute to resist.
I want you to call me in the middle of the night so we can stay up for hours talking until one of us falls asleep, and the other just listens to their breathing.
I want you to tuck my hair behind my ear and make me forget what I was going to say.
I want you to sneak up behind me, put your hands over my eyes and say, "Guess who?" and I will know it's you by the feel of your hands.
I want people to be able to recognise me as your girlfriend when I say "hi" to them.
I want us to be perfect for each other, and for people to tell us that all the time.
I want a lot of things, but it doesn't matter, because you don't exist, and you probably never will.

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